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Will It Get Better

I had a phone call with a friend recently. We are like meteorologists who call in to give each other reports on the current conditions of our lives.

"It's stormy up in here. Debris is flying everywhere. The locals are running for cover! Send help!"

We offered each other words of encouragement and as we were about to say goodbye she hit me with a profound question. "Will it ever get better?"

"Of course. For sure." I answered.

But as I hung up the phone I thought to myself, I mean...I hope so!

The truth is we, will never know. Will the chemo work? Will we ever have enough money? Will parenting get any easier? Will we ever have rest from the depressive thoughts? Life is full of questions and doubts. I have no way to know what will happen. Perhaps that's why God told us not to worry about tomorrow. Today has enough trouble of its own.

All of us want reassurance that tomorrow will be better because we need hope that there is might be purpose in our pain and that the pain is temporary. But the Bible tells us that before we worry, we should first seek the Kingdom of God, that is, to first make God the ruler of our lives. And when we do that, under his power, strength and love, we can let go of the worries.

If you are wondering if things will get better, I challenge you to ask yourself a more important question. Does God govern your life? Because if He does, you will find that giving it all to Him blesses you with the hope that withstands even the hardest trials.

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