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God Restores

I once heard a story about how in Japan, people don’t toss out dish ware when it breaks. They believe in something called “kinsugi,” which is a philosophy of awe, reverence and restoration.” They created an entire craftsmanship devoted to restoring brokenness.

When a dish breaks, they use a lacquer mixed with gold, silver or platinum and restore the item by filling the crack with the precious metals. It’s an art which transforms the broken thing into something more valuable because it's more beautiful after its been broken.

Sometimes this is hard to believe but that's how God loves us too! He's not in the waste management business. He's in the restoration business. We are always being renewed into something better and more valuable. And because of this, we don't have to feel shame when we are broken because we know that God promises He will make us into new creations.

I want to remind you that even if everything is falling apart, you are valuable to God. You will not be tossed aside. God wants to restore you. Your brokenness doesn't disqualify you. The more cracks, the more space to fill with the platinum love of God.

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